Submitting A Film for Mini Movie Hour

Since the films will be aired on broadcast television stations around the country, the films must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Films may be any genre – drama, comedy, documentary, etc.
  • Films may be live action or animation.
  • Films may not contain elicit language.
  • Films may not have any sexually explicit scenes.
  • Films may not contain racial slurs.
  • Any music or images in films must be free of copyright restrictions.
  • Any person identifiable in films must have signed a release to use their image.
  • Films must be “broadcast” quality, which is a higher quality than on the internet.
Filmmakers interested in submitting a film should send an email to: The email should contain a synopsis of the film, the length of the film and the genre. Once the email is received, we will request a copy of the film for viewing.

For a copy of the licensing agreement or required releases,
click here:
Licensing Agreement

To see a flowchart of the
submission process, click here:
Submission Process

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